Our mission

Our mission is to innovate the Dry Process industry through reliable, high-performance, and sustainable Technologies.

We want to represent a technological reference for those who are eager to bring their Dry Process and Garment Finishing Systems to levels of efficiency and sustainability never achieved before.

Our partners

Our partners are all those who are not afraid to take their  
Dry-Process systems to a whole new level; through continuous progress and self-improvement.

Those who persistently look ahead; towards an always more efficient manufacturing process.

Those who deeply respect the environment and strongly care for a more sustainable textile industry. 

Why choose Mactec

Working with Mactec means having the chance to improving your production line with the highest quality and most sustainable technologies available in the market.

We believe in collaborating with our customers, rather than offering them fixed solutions that may not fully satisfy their needs.

Supporting the customer is our top priority, and we do not hesitate to go above and beyond for them.

Made in Italy

Mactec fully embodies the meaning of Made in Italy. As an authentic Italian manufacturer, our goal is to provide our partners with excellent, reliable, yet innovative solutions bringing quality and progress to their production processes.
We work with passion, creativity, and competence, focusing on details to make our partners' "lives" run smoother.
Made in Italy is not just about excellence. It also means professionally and efficiently supporting our partners; while establishing the familiar relationship you would get from your local artisan shop.

Creating Sustainable Technologies

All the technologies and machinery developed in Mactec are Green Label certified, as they respect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint to the minimum.

Our products are always equipped with the highest filtration system possible to prevent pollution.