Custom Made

In Mactec, customer care means being a reliable and loyal partner to our customers, whatever their needs may be.

Our interpretation of Customer Care goes far beyond traditional after-sale service. It means developing customized machines to respond to our partners' unique demands, researching solutions for aspects of their manufacturing process even if not directly related to our products, and always being by their side.

Research & Development

All the technologies we offer to customers are the result of careful and ambitious research. 

We believe that there is always room for improvement, and we are determined to relentlessly advance our technologies to the benefit of the Dry-Process industry. 

Just because a product is great, it does not mean it cannot be greater.



MACTEC LAB has been created to focus on the most advanced research in the Dry Process field. 

Every day, our engineers are working to find innovative solutions that allow laundries to make their production process faster and easy to replicate.

We are available to realize samples and assist in the creation of prototypes.